How to win at Netent games

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Netent is an amazing online casino game provider. They have been in existence for over two decades. This is the reason their games are always in many online casinos. Netent focuses on three different game categories which include video slots, table games and live casinos. To learn more about playing online casino games, you can visit

Choosing a casino game.

There are different casino games released by Netent and all these games are majorly dependent on luck especially video slot. The video slot category has the most simple gameplay which make them a top choice. However, it is not skill-based, which make its impossible to improve your skill. If you want to learn more about casino games, check out michelquerioz .

However, table games, on the other hand, allows you to improve your skill thereby giving you the chance to increase your chance of winning. Table games also depend on luck, however, it is the best choice if you are looking to get a bit of control over the outcome of the game rounds.

Winning at table games

There are different table games you can choose from, however, the popular ones include Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette. Blackjack has a very simple rule. Your objective is to get a hand that is less than 22 and higher than that of the dealer. To achieve this, there are some basic rules you can follow.

The first is to always stand when you have a hard 18 or more. This way you save yourself from going bust. Also, when you have a pair of 8, you should consider splitting your hand. Since 16 is a weak hand, playing 8 from two hands give you a better shot at beating the dealer.

Betting strategies for table games.

There are different betting strategies that you will come across, however, some of the popular ones include Martingale, Fibonacci, Card counting and D'Alembert. The Martingale betting strategy is a simple one to follow. All you need to do is to choose the smallest bet in the table. Then you double your bet for every round you lose.

This will continue until you hit a win. When this happens, you recoup back your losses and your base amount grows by the initial bet. Also, for the next round, after every win, you should use the initial bet. This is to be repeated continuously. However, you should look for a table with the lowest minimum bet.

Fibonacci betting strategy

The Fibonacci betting strategy has almost the same process as the martingale betting strategy. However, this betting system depends on a popular mathematical sequence with the same name. The idea is to multiply your bet with the next number in the Fibonacci sequence for every lost bet until you record a winning round.

When this occurs, you revert your bet back to the initial bet that you started with. This process should be repeated until you are done with the game. The idea is to get back your lost bets with the next bet. However, this betting system is more effective with even bets that are close to 50% odds.

Card counting and conclusion

Card counting is one of the most popular betting strategies you will come across. This has made many online casinos to put up measures to prevent players from using this strategy. There are different approaches to counting cards, however, the Hi-lo system is the most widely used. This involves allocating a value to card groups

This value includes +1 for low cards, -1 for high cards, 0 for middle cards. The player then add the value up for every card he receives. A positive result indicate that the deck has more high cards and vice versa. In conclusion, no strategy will guarantee you a win but it will improve your chance of winning.


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